Jan. 30, 2016


I was planning to write this morning about the current Mayor of Baltimore's designation as the nation's worst city Mayor by her's city's major newpaper The Sunpapers. However, Sandra Rawlings Blake you will get a reprieve this morning because when I see this foolishness like this cross my screen.  Heck someone even posted that Cam Newton's action was a by-product of the black doll syndrome. Really?

This race thing is simply getting out of hand. Is America is bent out of shape with racism that a simple act of graciousness is now targeted at Cam Newton giving to only white kids? Or is this simply a fool trying to agitate pot of ignorance?
How many young black kids parent's can afford the ticket prices to attend the Panthers the game? That may be the reason for the disparity in the number of footballs given to white kids by Brother Cam Newton as opposed to black kids. This isn't a racial issue it's an economic issue I feel. I sure if Cam wants to silence this nonsense he can pick a school in Charlotte with a huge Title 1 and assisted lunch children attending and give a Cam Jersey and a football to high performing students or heck every student in the selected student.
Heck, maybe Cam can solicit someone to write about children's book about a a black boy or girl's adventure in getting to the Super Bowl game and securing one of Cam Newton's touchdown footballs. Heck, I would be willing write the words to the story if someone wants to be the illustrator. It could be a great wonderful adventure of a story.