Jan. 30, 2016

Thank You Sirius Soul Town

Is there anything better for mind on a Saturday than a locked in Soul Town taking my conscious mind to the highest plateaus possible? You can have your house, hip hop, or rock but for my mental feeding nothing like the sounds of Soul Town old school never aging never aging school music just simply percolating with  thoughts of progression never thoughts of a peoples regression.  The Top 20 of 1967 is/was deep I'm there as a 13 year old boy growing into a young man with these sounds. No wonder I'm so damn powerful today that's right Soul Town I’m a universal citizen spreading far and wide the love you created by telling this historic black people’s time and story

"Sirius Soul Town can give you what you need to be to fight the power on those darkened nights on those darkened streets replete with thoughts making your mission to overcome complete."