Jan. 30, 2016

Sixty Second Thought What A Game Coach, and The Grizzlies of Morgan State University Todd Bozeman i

Todd Bozeman is One Helluva Coach and Morgan State University Is Lucky To Have Him
Tonight’s game Morgan State University beat a fairly talented Howard University was indicative of the marvelous coaching skill sets of Todd Bozeman. It looked like Todd implemented a tenacious two one two press zone when Howard put the ball in play in the backcourt. Then Todd totally confused the Howard University ball handlers even more when they passed half court as he rolled the defense into a box and one zone that rolled doubles on the nation’s leading scorer James “T-Byrd” Daniels which frustrated Daniels to make so many unforced errors that it looked as if Daniels would accumulate more turnovers than points tonight.
The head coach for Howard University Kevin Nickelberry was so confused by the schemes that Bozeman presented his team. He wanted to be any place other than Hill Field House by the late stages of the second half. Kevin was so confused that he simply decided to blow up at the referees on meaningless charging call with less than two minutes and get get run from the gym. Whatever adjustments Nickelberry devised in the twenty minute halftime break only seemed to wilt under the pressure of this Morgan State University team which has been absent for the better part of this season. He seemingly stroked Donte Pretlow’s fire that he maniacally hounded Daniels all around the court. The team’s offense was smoothly moving the ball around the Howard University’s defense and open layups and jump shots were falling with the ease and success this team haven’t experienced to date this season.
Cedric “The Blossonator” Blossom was man against boys on the offensive boards. Cedric manhandled Howard’s Big Boy Marcel “Stiff as a Board” Boyd and pretty much pressed Boyd into so many traveling calls that you would have thought Boyd was a Samsonite Luggage Sales Person. He was indeed the traveling man tonight. What has come over Andre Horne and Phillip Carr when I last saw this team play both were disappearing acts like the magician’s rabbits they were gone in a blink of time. Not today the two of them aggressively asserting the roles of players demanding Coach Bozeman’s attention. If this Morgan State University team that swamped a Howard team today plays the remainder of this season like this and replicates this performance in it's upcoming games the remainder of this season watch out. This could be Coach Bozeman’s best coaching performance since this team is indeed undersized and somewhat outmanned. Yes Coach Bozeman has unleashed the beast of a devilishly tricky zone press that could undo a many MEAC teams not as good as this Howard team is or was.
I was able to spend a moment with James “T-Byrd” Daniels prior tonight’s game as a manner of fact I had the team engaged in chants marveling with delight the feats of their leading scorer. T Byrd is a fine young man who simply ran into a buzz saw of a basketball coach who drew up a defensive scheme that put the pressure on the other Howard players to beat his hungry Grizzly team tonight. What a game to see just how precious a great coach is to a struggling team. Todd Bozeman instilled in his players a belief that they weren't going to allow any one player beat them again like Quinton Chievous from Hampton did in early January. Todd Bozeman, and his coaching team which is one of the best in region devised the means to build a defense similar to what Nolan Richardson used to unleash on helpless offenses with 40 minutes of hell. Todd Bozeman is one helluva coach and Morgan State University Is lucky to have him and hopefully we won’t ever lose him.