Jan. 31, 2016

You High My Brother What You Smoking? Drinking? Sniffing?

Yesterday, at the Howard vs. Morgan State University someone asked me this question inferring that either I was blitzed by some unnatural state because I was having too much fun not to be high.  Well, I’m not high my friend although with all the trials and tribulations I’ve encountered personally the past four years you might excuse me if I had overtaken a bottle, a gungi stick, or had my nose stocked on some white powdery substance. You see the life’s encounters in my time maybe should lead to a world of unnatural highs. Heck, I spent my entire college years in a unending fog of smoke, hence the name Joe Smoke, that was my moniker in my earlier years. I not only inhaled I also inhaled what I exhaled for the better part of a decade. 

Yet, something happened funny on my way to be a black responsible man. My incredible, creative mind woke me up one day. That my mind exposed the realization that no unnatural high was more exclusive and expansive than the natural high my mind could achieve.  So that day when the power of high and highness was distinct and exclusively mine and I didn’t need external forces to express it or identify it when it was about to be revealed.  My struggles of life started at birth with physical limitations that sometimes made me the brunt of others jokes.  Those incidents  of negative external enforcements could have slipped me into a permanency of seeking places for my mind to hide.  Those failed relationships with loved ones who I either ran away or ran away themselves. Oh they could’ve also put my mind  back in that state of unnatural mental disappearance but this my powerful mind refused to allow me to give in to those external forces that wanted to get me to admit shame.

 So even though I may have been hit with numerous negative experiences not of my own making in many cases. I have refused to have forces of negative changes force bad choices that can lead to destructive behavior.  That is the philosophy I attempt to share those young peoples I encounter in my world. The fact that you in your natural state of our personal powerful mind can create the high, the highest of highs that no external substance  or concoction be possibly deliver.  Oh yeah so of the earth’s natural resource can enhance the high created by you personally but those elements are supplemental in nature not warranted to enjoy experiences that this world provides you. This is not too say you won’t have troubling days that manifest themselves to a degree that could cause you to mental shutdowns. Just fight that feeling and search the recesses of your subconscious that bring you back to that selective natural euphoria. That is why I respect so many of brothers/sisters of NOI so much. It's because these men/women have allowed their brain’s too activate those capacities to deliver happiness naturally.

So when that brother stepped to me yesterday and asked what are you drinking, smoking, tokening, or sniffing because you’re simply having way too much fun. I felt this thought come rushing to my mental thought processes. I knew that I had reached the level of enlightenment that spreads and energy of highness to those around me in a marvelous way. No I am not high but  as they sung back in the day;  Take to the sky, oh, the natural high, Loving you more till the day I die Take to the sky, oh, the natural high, loving, loving you. The you in the song could be meant for a significant other but too me the you in the song was I, the one you must love first in order to love another else. So matter the struggle my brothers and sisters you don’t have to run to a dealer, a liquor store, or medicine cabinet for relief. Just seek what is inside you to get to the highest high, or high that can only be magnified by believing that you control the mind inside you no one but you.  So, no I’m not high but I do want everyone, anyone who comes into my life circle too gain and for I seek not to deliver anyone pain.