Feb. 2, 2016


Coach’em Up Todd Bozeman
If you happened to be anywhere near me at a Morgan State University Bears basketball game in 2016. You will either revel in my call to coach’em up or be you will be looking for cotton for your ears. I’ve be voicing that cal this season since this team had gotten off to such a slow start this season. I felt my voice from the stands would reflect to the players the need to listen to the magnificence that is the coaching philosophy of Todd Bozeman. Well after these past two games it looks as if the coaching is sinking in as these Bears are indeed playing angry, and are playing really smart on both ends of the court. They took down two seemingly deep teams with the tagline agile, mobile and extremely hostile in the past 48 hours.
This Grizzly team is not what you consider big at any of the key front court positions. Let’s face this Grizzly team is different from any of Coach Bozeman’s previous teams which presented size on the frontline. This isn’t the case for the current team which only has a 6”6” Cedric Blossom to battle the big boys down low. However even that size deficiency has prevented over the last 2 games for this well prepared team to outbound and outwork it’s opponents. Maybe Coach Bozeman had an affinity one late night at his Mitchellville home while studying film and decided this team had a the resources to capture an aura of defensive greatness that wasn’t reflected in the earlier contests this season. Coach most likely realized his troops wouldn’t be able to out strength his opponents like his previous teams were capable of. The formula for Morgan State University basketball team focuses on the agility, quickness, and pressuring zone defenses that have recently confounded his past two opponents. Two opponents that have been throughly destroyed by those specific successful elements of gamesmanship.
You walk on the court as an opponent now facing this Morgan squad know that unrelenting defensive rolling zone pressure will move your team from its comfort zone from minute one of the game. Todd Bozeman along with his current staff is indeed coaching his young Bears up, up, up and away to the possibilities of an appearance in the NCAA 65 as the MEAC Champion. I don’t want to jump ahead of myself too early to pronounce victory in Norfolk, Virginia in about a month’s time. Yet it stands to reason that if the defined formula for winning with this team has been designed. Well than maybe what was no apparent in early January or late December no longer can be brushed aside so easily in the cold winter’s chill of February. If you enjoy the engaged fan and believer of this our, mine, your Morgan Bear team you will join me at the next home game with the call “coach’em up Coach Bozeman” because this season unlike any of the others he’s doing that and so much more. Coach Todd Bozeman, is truly a coach whose desire to win right is measured on the jersey’s of those players he recruits to fulfill his team and his university’s destiny. That destiny is too give your upmost and play with ultimate desire and fire. Nothing has ever come easy for our Morgan Bears except these past two games gave us a peek into the future days of Morgan State University basketball and those days are extremely bright.