Feb. 2, 2016

Double Jeopardy Exists For A Reason Free The Juice America

This may make some angry but America needs understand how the judicial system should work and not be manipulated.

Listen White America we're done or should be done with this Simpson crap. OJ Simpson was acquitted in court system designed by white America. So no matter how much white America hated the idea that this particular black man could turn the table on justice or injustice whichever the case. This country is still absolutely absorbed with these 2 murdered victims when so much devastation was/has occurred since in this country. They even got two states to conspire to ignore double jeopardy and sentence a man to 30 years for taking his own stolen property back. Now that is dastardly America double jeopardy exists for reason; acquittal means acquittal. So no you cannot unjustly sentence the acquitted to an excessive period of time after the fact just because you feel justified in doing it. Too many lives have been lost in this country innocently for me care about this specific case any longer. I'm sorry they died but please White America get over it. Blacks have faced injustice for 5 hundred years with no reparations for our pains nor do we as a people get the chance for do overs. Whether I or you feel he got away with murder is irrelevant now those twelve jurors were compelled enough with the evidence presented to absolve him of any criminality in the alleged murders he was prosecuted for.

OJ needs to be released immediately locking him for supposedly stealing back his property was simply society paying his ass back for that acquittal. The State of California gave the State of Nevada the key to the state when they sentenced him too 30 years. Innocent, or guilty of the initial murders the states have no right to over punish an individual once acquitted. The concept of double jeopardy is the right of those acquitted. California couldn't get a do over nor did California have the right to encourage Nevada to implement this unjust sentence simply because Simpson walked in the LA County Courthouse guilty in the eyes of many except those 12 jurors who provided him his freedom.