Feb. 4, 2016

Deray McKesson, you certainly aren't making this easy for you?

Good luck to you my dear brother Deray McKesson. Maybe you actually can engage those disengaged, uplift those crushed to nothingness, provide a slither of hope to those whose days are darkened by hopelessness, nurture emotional meals of brighter days for a depressed city. Yet, if only 35% of the populace is committed to making an electoral difference by actually pulling a lever for change and with 13 candidates on the democratic ticket for a place as the candidate of choice. I wonder if you would have been better served to run as a republican? Party affiliations do mean something in Baltimore, heck since Theodore McKeldin in 1963 no republican has elected as a republican to manage and oversee the city affairs. That's 53 years, over 5 decades since someone other than a democrat has won the municipal seat heading City Hall.
Yet you choose to run against those democratic entrenched candidates in the upcoming primary. Why? I mean you certainly wouldn't have been labeled in negative vein had you chosen to run on the right side or left side or whatever side Baltimoreans view republicans now. Heck, you may have even garnered some support from those down in Annapolis simply because you have name recognition nationally if not locally.
So good luck DeRay McKesson, you are gonna need it. Heck with 13 candidates on the ballot maybe you win with a measly 10% of the primary tally. Maybe Deray you become the face of a democratic party that currently is in disarray in Charm/Harm City. It seems to me that 13 is the unlucky number you pulled from the hat. I certainly wouldn't want to be the 13th choice on a ballot when I could've possibly been the first choice. Oh you would've have had to do was to ignite those unregistered young eligible baltimoreans to register to the party of Lincoln, or is that the party of Trump, Cruz and his crazies. I guess that specific obstacle of party affiliation was way to much philosophically of a mountain to climb and conquer.