Feb. 4, 2016


Fascism In Any Form Is a Ridiculous Waste of Human Energy

What I don't ever want to be defined or identified as a fascist in any vein. I would like to be considered as one who has opened the door to a free exchange of thoughts and ideals. I may not agree with your words but they are simply that words. Those words can belittle but only if you allow them too. It truly is the choice of those who are having those expressed towards.

Yet, when I read about encounters like this one that I happened upon it discourages my faith in the overall goodness of man. Don't think just because you deem it liberal it means that those thoughts can be forced the throats of non-believers. Agitate your beliefs/thoughts on me meaningfully. Yes please allow me the opportunity to come to my own conclusive feelings. I will consider your points throughly by reflective analysis. However please don't shove your thoughts on me simply because you may feel that they are uniquely liberal and necessary for society to follow just because.

I will never fear words my only fear is that people who fear truth use lies to direct their unjust action. This is critical I'll fight to the bitter end someone who injects their words into actions of injustice. We must however hear all sides of a story then make decisions that are delivered by provoked thought not by provoked unnecessary aggressive behavior. Oh aggressive action against injustice should be revealed and eliminated but do it with a clear idea of the outcome. Whether the fascists is considered liberal or conservative I dare not want to be linked to either group. So please don't stand by some damn statue whether what side of the argument and provoke meaningless confrontations. Our communities need that wasted energy released by the provokers to be utilized for uplift not emotional down drifts.