Feb. 5, 2016

Can You Please Let Baltimore City Grow Senator Conway?

State Senator Joan Conway decides that she wants to eliminate any plans for additional housing on the proposed Northwood Project for Morgan State University. Did she effectively killed this model project for expansion for the Morgan State University community?
According to someone influential in the community surrounding Morgan State University she did:
"Richard Skolasky, president of the Original Northwood Association, said he was “taken aback” to learn about the bill’s introduction and found it “deeply troubling.”He said Conway did not mention it to him when they spoke on Wednesday. Because the bill is so broad in its language, he said, it most likely would kill the current plans for the redevelopment of Northwood Plaza. Skolasky said he applauds Conway for being a champion of neighbors who have concerns about the development. But “she needs to realize that we have a representative democracy. She has been elected to represent her district, not two blocks in her district. . . A bill like this cuts Morgan State off at the knees.”
My question is why did Senator Conway seem to openly attack President Wilson in this article? Senator Conway seemed to imply Dr. Wilson was attempting to bypass Morgan's Board of Regents who control future student housing initiatives. Dr. Wilson simply voiced his initial support for the model Northwood Project proposal which included 350 student housing units. The desperate housing needs of Morgan State University are becoming more and more evident each and everyday. The heightened need for student safety as well as adequate housing options need to be issues they are indeed issues that need immediate resolution. Yet, Senator Conway decides that she has the gumption to kill the project rather than allowing universal Morgan Community to press this valuable project forward. Morgan State University needs additional housing units not simply replacement units for those already being utilized.
These are the times when I wished I had maintained my residence in Baltimore City because these tired politicians playing political gamesmanship with Morgan State University have too be replaced. I look at current university leadership which under the tutelage of Dr. Wilson has stepped up its game in terms of facility development. We cannot allow anyone to threatened the moves that will possibly inhibit continued future growth. For as Morgan State University grows the residents that surround the university will benefit from that growth. If you disallow housing options for the university simply because you fear for what? These housing units will be occupied by tomorrow leaders and also possibly residents of the communities surrounding Morgan upon graduation. That's right future tax paying residents, future mortgage paying residents of Baltimore City a city in needs of this type of infusion. Morgan State University will generate new leaders will too move Baltimore ahead and not hold the city back. Senator Conway is willing too derail this meaningful project for the simple fact that valuable housing is a key element of the plan. I give a resounding no to Conway's attempts to foil this campaign for Morgan's growth. I would hope that the entirety of the Morgan State University community joins arms and pushes back and the Northwood Project is put back on the go cycle not the present no cycle it's headed for now. That's my 60 seconds worth of thought what is yours?