Feb. 8, 2016

Lee Hull Tell Me Where is the Honor You Ascribed Too Last Week

Didn't this Coach Lee Hull just recruit a huge group of incoming freshman to play at Morgan State University? Didn't Coach Hull have those players sign letters of intent for them too play under his tutelage and guidance?. So what does Coach Hull do following these commitments? Lee Hull, no longer Morgan State University Coach Lee Hull decides to chase the money. Yes he up and heads to the Indy Colts to be a "what" poison's coach? Not head coach, but any measure a position's coach.
Those players made 4-5 year commitments to him last week and Lee Hull makes a 1 week commitment back at them. I understand the nature of coaching also I can understand how much more this position probably paid more than Morgan State University. However sorry if I sound bitter about this news. I simply cannot stomach this one. Upon learning this I completely lost whatever respect I had for Lee Hull. Everything about with this decision disturbs me.
If only he had taken this job last week anyone with a brain knows that the possibility was out there. Lee Hull wasn't just offered it had to be on the table last week. Lee Hull could've at least given those players he recruited fair warning of the chance he would only be with them one more week? I will not and cannot congratulate Lee Hull. Nor will I forgive him for this slight to Morgan State University which was profoundly negative and definitely uncalled for. Go ahead Lee Hull chase the money but don't you dare say one week ago that you and your staff was looking forward to seeing this group of recruits play at Morgan State University. When it was never your intention to see that happen. I am totally steamed at this news what an about smack in the face to a great institution.
I read this last week: "Nine of our 15 recruits were from in-state," Hull said. "My goal was to have 70 percent of our players come from the DMV area and this class reflects the philosophy of our program. We've established a clear identity in recruiting, and finding in-state talent is a priority." but then I see this today:
Really Lee Hull? Really?