Feb. 14, 2016

Captain America? Captain Privilege America, Maybe? Captain Racist America, Maybe? Captain Classless

Few months ago the sporting world was set asunder when those nasty ass reporters from the islamic fronted Al Jazeera went in after the American hero of the gridiron Peyton Manning.  I mean they strongly implied questions needed to answered about the possibility that Manning was involved in the use of a powerful PED which comes in the form of a human growth hormone.

It was as if bombs had exploded on the White House lawn the media’s reaction, the American public’s reaction was swift and calculating this report was an  direct attack on the virtues of the American society’s honor and goodwill. Those robed fanatics had torn into the very fabric of what America honors as the symbol of greatness in this country. They inferred Peyton Manning was a cheat, the Peyton Manning, the incomparable Peyton Manning, some say the man who stands next to Jesus in terms of respect in this nation. So what if the evidence pointed out explicitly tat someone in the Manning household received human growth hormones from an anti-aging clinic in the city that Peyton Manning made famous. So what Peyton’s supporters pronounced. The whole damn story was indeed fabricated by those suspicious ass arabs with hidden agenda’s to destroy all that America holds dear.

The actual Manning attack schematic plan was swift if those pesky ass Arabs were coming after me they had better be ready for a full onslaught of American patriotism.  Besides, the proverbial denial, denial in which he laid out his respect for the game America loves and cherishes some say America holds the National Football League in such high regard they cared little when the league decided they wanted everyday of week not just Sunday. Hell, when I was growing the NFL was America’s game after church on Sunday. Now, they telecast games from London at 9:00 am on Sunday’s so as to take every available viewing hour away from anything else even on that religious day. The NFL has had games on Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday as well as Sunday so this game once relegated to one day a week is now 7 days a week. So, it was easy to see why Al Jazeera would go after football, and America’s football hero, Peyton Manning, they wanted to deliver some shame on what is iconic in America. Peyton and his band of Peytonites decided too also hire one the nation’s most reviled spokesman from the Bush era of snaking out the terror of the arabs, Ari Fleischer. Surely, he had the guns to batter this report of Manning PED use.

Well, guess what Al Jazeera America has decided to pack up it’s operation and leave the American media scene. They found out it isn’t nice to fool with Mother Nature, or should I say Father Football, and it’s personal darling Peyton Manning.  Well, America guess what it’s now apparent that old Manning may have been guilty after all of what he was accused of in that report.  It seems that Manning has been exhibiting disgusting behavior for quite some time.  As matter of fact for at least 2 decades according to a report that somehow regained life on the media scene this week. I mean how did this story story of vile behavior from the good old boy Peyton Manning stay from out of the lights of public exposure. For those who aren’t or having read the disgusting circumstances of Peyton Manning’s attack on an honorable woman whose only crime was being in the scope of Peyton Manning vile behavior here is my rehash. I certainly could describe all 74 pages of the report but this is it.

Dr. Jamie Naughright, was the accuser; Peyton Manning, was the perp, the provocateur of the slimy action; Mike Rollo  and Archie Manning played the role of Peyton protectors of the Peyton Manning image. On 2/29/1996 Peyton decides to sexually attack this woman who at the time was examining him for a possible ankle stress fracture. Peyton Manning decided he had the right to commit a sexual deviate action against Dr. Naughright. Peyton Manning forcefully maneuvered his naked testicles and rectum directly on her face with his penis on top of her head for all his team buddies to see.  Jamie Naughright pushed Peyton Manning away, removing her head out from under him and reported this incident to the University of Tennessee. Wrong move lady Peyton was the hero of Rocky Top and those who bled orange weren’t about to let this act or this her reaction become public issues to defame the character of their beloved Peyton Manning.  Nor, was Archie Manning going to let this action no matter how despicable takedown the image of Mannings. You see in the south the Manning’s image starting with Archie’s exploits in the early 60’s as quarterback for the Mississippi Rebels was connected to greatness and superior character. Never mind that the glistening image was built in an era of oppression and repression of black people, It was hardly gonna too get tarnished by this situation.

The University of Tennesses neglected these facts about the character of the accuser;  Jamie Naughright, in 1991 earned her B.A. from the University of Tennessee in Exercise Physiology with a Minor in Football Coaching (I didn't even know such a minor existed). A year later, with a 3.7 GPA, she earned her Master's Degree in Health Education and Promotion. A few years later, with a 3.925 GPA, she earned her doctorate from the University of Tennessee in Health Education and Wellness. All of those facts didn’t matter she was going after Peyton Manning, and that might she was the enemy and the enemy had too be silenced or at the very least minimized. So how do you minimize a white woman in the south? Well, you use the Mikey will eat anything defense that’s how. Mikey you ask, you know Mikey from the Cheerios commercial? Mikey will eat anything. Well you what the American white ill informed and ignorant public will also believe anything as long as you do the following. First, slander the name of accuser by implying she was a sexual deviant by some vile accusation that cannot be proven. Those at Rocky Top had already created that atmosphere by unleashing one Mike Rollo. Mike Rollo, accused about any female affiliated  at UT of being what he called a clit bumpers. Hell Mike even accused the entire Lady Volunteer team, you know Pat Summit’s championship basketball teams of being the Lady Lickers. Second, you look for a black man, any black men to be connected to the accuser in a sexual way. Simply say or imply the accuser craved for black men to satisfy her sexual deviate behavior. Fourth, of course if you are a Manning you say the accuser had a potty mouth now what the hell is that? Finally, if all else fails you simply tell the accuser to blame a black man not the white superstar. All of these things occurred in the months after the incident and the incident never was revealed or left the hallowed hills of Tennessee.

However, Peyton Manning never completely satisfied with getting away with this act. Peyton decided that he needed to continue to double down on it. So Peyton lied in his autobiography about the incident. Peyton also continued to defame and haunt Jamie Naughright. It was as if Peyton was fixated personally on the destruction of her image. Jamie fought back and took the Mannings, son and father, the publisher, and the ghost author to court for defamation of character in 2001. Jamie won that verdict yet somehow this story of the alleged sexual assault by Peyton never made the front pages of any sports pages, really. Oh yeah, USA Today wrote two articles in 2003 but quickly this story was swept under the rug of silence. Can anyone say the power of the National Football League is perversive. You don’t think that Paul Tagliabue called in some favors after hearing from Archie Manning to kill this story?  I mean the USA Today’s publishers must have heard some pretty strong language for this story to be killed. My question is what exactly did the Washington Post, New York Times, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, CBS, NBC, ABC hear from the National Football League to kill the story? Al Jazeera America didn’t exist at the time had they maybe there would’ve taken the story and ran with it. Oh no it never would’ve gotten that far. 

I for one think that I never again want to see Peyton Manning’s big ass head marketing another item on my television screen. While, America lambasted Cam Newton for simply have fun of the field of play. Peyton was hiding these dastardly deeds done out of pure hatred. Nationwide, who is on your side? Certainly this character of ill repute. Papa John’s, who’s your mamma? Certainly not this guy who like the subway guy is vile and disgusting. Budweiser, whose wiser you or the Manning’s?  If Peyton could indeed get away with these atrocious vile acts and the all the coverups than take it one step further America? He attempted to blame away his actions against Jamie Naughright on a black man. He searched for cover with all types of deceptive thoughts and actions. Don’t you think his head grew twice as big over the decades for a reason? He pertaining isn’t Pinocchio or is he? Pinocchio’s nose Peyton Manning’s forehead both indicative of a big ass liar.  Just my thought for the day, you had better go ask somebody.