Feb. 17, 2016

Vaccines Vaccines Why Are The Now Considered Obscene


Vaccines, Vaccines, Vaccines, Vaccines

Damn America when did they suddenly become obscene

Once they were good enough for baby Francine

Now they are they the reason behind the death of Charlene

Sure enough that vaccine should have foreseen 

The mindlessness of my friend Eugene 

Who jumped off that bridge right after he reached preteen

They say his brain was a warped as a damn fire screen

Vaccines, Vaccines, Vaccines, those damn Vaccines

Damn America should we have dropped them vaccines off the ravine

In that Wisconsin city of Racine?

What they use to say was entirely routine 

Easy to take as putting quarters in the machine

Now America makes us only see bad dreams 

Why America has these damn vaccines become so obscene

They use to mix them with up with saline

Now they say discarded babies parts are part of the scheme 

You really want us all part of that team

Now those vaccines are prone to cause uncontrollable wet dreams

As well as babies screaming as loud as caught sardines

Vaccines why is Maureen seizing and Maxine sneezing

Why does Maureen itch why does she also twitch?

Seems to me that vaccine needs to be in a ditch

People screaming why again is Maxine seizing?

My baby boy went sleep ended up this morning dead in a heap

Sure isn’t hard for me to take the leap

Calling all those vaccines deadly creeps

So now you say you can trust us 

While these vaccines continue to dust us

You will simply feel they say just a pinch

Yet my baby’s mind is now a bust 

They say he’s running around in a rush

So you still say we have to trust

Those vaccines that continue to put us to dust

Damn America should we have dropped those vaccines off the ravine

In the Wisconsin City of Racine

Truly we know that there city’s water is unclean

That city can handle all that unwanted vaccine.

They say that Jolene is diabetic 

Could it make that vaccine so pathetic

Did O’steen become autistic 

Or did taking that vaccine make it realistic

Cathleen  is itching why again is she twitching?

Vaccines, Vaccines, Vaccines, Vaccines

Damn America when did they suddenly become obscene