Feb. 19, 2016

To Those Out in the Planetary World of What … ever

Y'all so funny it's still time for mankind

To tightened the twine and stop acting like swine

We have been fighting this fight 

The round world believers were right

Did the fact world believers ever put up a fight? 

Whether this earth is flat or round 

Everything for the black man on this earth 

Is definitely not sound and that for me personally

Is quite profound

I guess this proves one thing  

The white man’s skill to astound and confound

While there is lead in the water 

Oh yeah lead’s been seeping in pipes

Why is everyone still mystified by all the hype 

This Earth they say wasn’t never quite round

Hell I hear now that we have never been quite clear

Get up right now out of the damn chair 

Why is everyone still frightened

You see us blacks folks aren’t simply just fighting

You would have thought that we all had been stuck

In the head by an invisible God’s lightening

Pretty damn sure one day soon 

All of us will be drowned by the light

Never ever again will we see any damn light

It will forever and ever stay a dark night

Now any of you think that will be a deed of man’s might?

Still all I see is rotted turf

Hidden behind all these damaged lead births

Why is so much of America covered in girth?

Our minds disillusioned 

Our thoughts totally so damn confusing

Why the hell are we still refusing

Flat or Round

The Goal of Science is Bent to Astound

Now think all you out there isn’t that quite profound

Back to the point put out that there joint

Flat Earth or Round

The Black Man Place on this earth

Is definitely not sound

The white mans’ skill continues to


Now again I say isn’t that profound

How he still has the ability to confound

That is what should resound?