Feb. 21, 2016

You Had Better Go Ask Somebody America Enough Well Is Enough

Not any real new news here because the disrespect and annihilation of the Obama Presidency by the zealots of the Republican Party started election night 2008. The solid traction of this article from my perspective is that it exposes the plan to discredit, disrespect, and defeat Obama's two terms as elected president. The exposing voice presenting the case use to be one those who was committed to this treacherous undertaking. The delivery of the facts coming from one of so-called religious right's own. Frankie Boy just called them out for what they are. The are simply pure unadulterated racists with intent to defame and maim this President's legal game and progressive aim. So the next time some silly ass republican points the finger of blame at Obama know that the real shame comes at the expense of this lie ridden game to create Obama blame and that my friends is a damn shame.
My only question this morning the following; Why did Obama continued too think way onto his second term that he could compromise and placate with these fools and tools of injustice? White Privilege is alive and thriving in the country of the red, white and blue. Don't get it twisted and everyone of us red, black, brown without their self prescribed brand is essentially the target of repression and oppression.
Just my less than 60 second thought for this Sunday morning. You had better go ask somebody.