Feb. 23, 2016

america's judicial shame them fools need to take the blame

obama says hey america

I got name

the Idiots shout in unison

that’s a damn shame

obama’s job was never

to claim any attempt to 

provide this name

to fools who weren’t

interested in a fair game

not my friends is america’s shame

obama says he’s got a judge

the idiots still think it’s grudge

to give obama’s judge 

even the slightest nudge

these damn fools 

will never budge

he might as well start

launching some scuds

at these fools  

oh hey they will think that 

they are duds

america’s shame 

damn senators so lame

keep playing these games

all these red senators

working too avoid america’s blame

mcconnell’s insane

blunt is giving america a migraine

thune seems to be sniffing methane

shelby’s lamebrain

cotton’s in pain

rubio refuses to stay in his lane

cruz needs a hard hit of cocaine

obama says hey america

you elected me for this choice

scalia’s dead 

eight is now the count

but a ninth vote is needed

america’s vote presidential should definitely be heeded

but mcconnell’s insane

does blood flow to his brain

maybe cruz can give him some of that cocaine

these damn senators

act as if america gave this 

president a divorce

with absolutely no fucking recourse

they fight to keep this nomination off course

so as i digress can the people’s needs be addressed

dammit your fools this judge’s vote should certainly progress

america’s shame isn’t obama’s blame

it’s the fact that these fools are so lame