Feb. 25, 2016

Salute Langston Hughes Your Words Inspire My Creativity

Word Play Free Play My Prose Well Is Here To Stay Honoring Langston Hughes


listen america

I am not trying to be trite

why do some  folks

why do white folks 

continue to think american negroes 

aren’t particularly bright

simply for thinking

unwarranted killing’s of them is simply not right

some I hear say question my right

to write down these words

as if my words will take flight

you think I take that as a negative slight

this keyboard here constantly reflects my might

well here is a story

I see as not right

makes america to me completely not bright

two black men walking down 

a city street late at night

white folks hide in fright

crossing the street 

to get away those

two black men’s sight

never caring to understand either man’s 

true plight

seems to me we really got might

yet to you we still are not bright

who again is full of fright

seeing those two black men

never straying from sight

simply working hard to keep them out the light

why again I ask who in this tale is not bright?

listen america really I am not trying to be trite

white folks need to believe that blacks

are indeed bright

those same two men

walking at night

see a cop car now these two black men are in fright

because shots may be fired

without even a slight

now you know america

that isn’t just right

it this case america

those cops aren’t too bright

simply ignoring these

two black brothers 

real plight for it 

was these cops that forced

these two men out of the light

thinking death was upon them

you still think that’s right

hell those brothers never have put up a fight

the unjust bullets shots fired

just took away each of them right

simply walking on city streets without fright

those cops would fake laws and recite

excuses for killing those two

now tell me again who says that’s quite right

listen america

I am not trying to be trite

why do white folks 

continue to think negroes 

aren’t truly bright

simply for thinking

unwarranted killing’s not right

we all had better consider our plight

for injustice unfettered

lessens america’s might

taking away all of our 

inalienable rights.

just because of hatred and misplaced spite

you see that this story didn’t try to be trite

and yes america black folks are indeed bright