Feb. 27, 2016

You Had Better Ask Somebody Thinking About Change

I think we need to create a new engaged political party focused on servicing the many not whose needs are being ignored by the current two party format. Americans can't be happy with many of the options presented in national, state, and local elections by either democratic or republican candidates. So many of these candidates submit to the whim of the few and totally neglect the needs of the many. If there was satisfaction wouldn't the populace voting rise above the current estimated figures of 40-50% who actually vote?

My Proposal Tonight

This is based on an analysis of what is currently on the boards and what the majority of Americans seek. Americans want wealth and justice. Americans want to be able to control their own destinies and not have their destinies laid out for them. 


JC Triple P would engage for justice; disengage from those who foster economic community depletion; and focus on policies that build renewed complete community development. No longer can the majority who have turned off too either the republicans or democrats afford to be taken for granted, If the current flock of candidates refuse or ignore our calls for justice we direct that call to those committed to submitting plans that address our need. You can either answer our calls for total and complete economic redevelopment of our broken communities or we will put force our own platform. In the spirit of Fannie Lou Hamer and those who ascribed to developing a third choice and maybe the only real choice.

JCPPP will put forth candidates that will engage the disengaged; give true political voice to the voiceless; and refuse to accept the acceptance of the same songs of the status quo existence. If JC Triple P has its way the 55% that don't or won't vote will make the all the difference in coming future elections. 

JC Triple P is the Justice Can't Wait Party; Justice in the Courts; and Economic Equality in Your Pockets Party directed towards meaningful change.