Feb. 29, 2016

A Little Dreaming For This Month's You Better Ask Somebody's" Post This Month Forecasting Greatness

I truly believe that Stephen Curry can eclipsed or tie Wilt Chamberlin's 100 point record this NBA season. Once the Warriors top the Bulls 72 win with the 73 win in Game 80this year. I would like Steve Kerr to unleash the precision that the Memphis Grizzlies in the final game of this NBA season. In my heart of hearts I know he wouldn't do this. However I figured out the stats for the eclipsing single game record if Kerr gets a change of heart. First off Steph would have to be on the floor for at least 46 minutes. I believe that will be necessary since he'll be averaging a minimum of 2 points per minute. This would be difficult for Kerr to allow too happen since the playoffs would be starting in less than 48 hours I believe. The Grizzlies currently don't have a force down low to discourage Curry's dribble penetration. In addition the fact is even though they are strong defensively at the guard position the Grizzlies do have size with Allen and Stephenson neither have quickness to defend against Curry getting off his shot. It would be the lack of that quickness and ability to get his shot off that would lead to this record April 13, 2016 the 82nd and final game of this NBA Season. Will Steve Kerr allow Steph the opportunity to crack the record and break the record once deemed unbreakable? There is no better time then now for this record to be broken and no better shooter on a shooter's roll to break it. In addition on that night Steph Curry will demolish the record for three made in a single game. I can see 101 points on 4/13/2016 if Steve Kerr unleashes the precision weapon of shooter devastation 

This is how I see it playing out in terms of shots made, shots taken, free throws taken and made and the number of free throws Steph would take during this epic historic game.

Three Pointers taken 24 and 18 made 54 Points

Two Pointers taken 23 and 15 made 30 Points

Additionally Steph will be fouled on dribble drive penetration 10 times which 
will account for 20 free throws taken 20 and 17 made 17 Points

Total Points 101 down goes Wilt's record 

In addition the record for total number of three's made in a game will be eclipsed as well in this game. I'm just dreaming but this is leap year 2016.

Steph's final statistic achievement 33-47 17-20 101 points a brother can dream correct?