Mar. 7, 2016

RG Three See You Later I Hope You Become Greater

RGTHREE where are you bruh

Damn when you hit the town wow you certainly could throw

After Ngata hit you you certainly became slow

You were no more a hero than the average joe

When that knee buckled where did RG Three go?

You were the team’s MVP in 12 

Now how get you get to be team’s MIA in 15

Damn it seems it was all dream 

That your passes now couldn’t split another team’s seams

Hell in the pocket you became a linebacker’s wet dream

For he knew you couldn’t escape getting creamed

He also knew that the left tackle protecting you are encouraged not to scream

Watch out, watch out was all we heard the O line couldn’t block

Damn RG Three is about to get clocked

Seems like the coaches all mocked when that damn damn knee of yours suddenly locked

RGTHREE where you at bruh

Damn when you hit town wow you certainly could throw

It didn’t matter back then if no one was open

Because you with the pigskin sent defenders all doping

And defensive coordinators looking for pills for coping

Certainly in 2012 no fan in DC was moping

Back up they said the fans shouted the coach and his crew 

needed to be sacked up and packed up 

In came Gruden with schemes and such

In RG THREE Coach Gruden didn’t think RG3 was by no means

Close in comparison to Andrew Luck

Damn he put together that O Line like it was blocking for a mack truck

Damn RG Three knew then his chances for redemption 

Were leaving for he no longer had a passer’s luck

This team who had traded it’s future away

Seemed no intent no longer to give RG Three the time of day

Cousins was called Cousins you say

Kirk Cousins was named and damn RG Three wasn’t never the same

Hell RG Three didn’t play in any game 

All the coach said was RG Three was too blame

RG Three could’ve been his head in complete shame 

Yet this RG Three had a reason for contempt’ion

Hell all this RG Three want was absolute redemption

So on this March day in 2016

He’ll have his new canvas to unveil his skills

We all hope that he manages again to give thrill

And payback that team with heroic football chills

And bring to those unbelievers ungodly football ills

RG Three my brother you can regain the cheers

Make those who questioned your will and skill

Seek solace for even thinking those thoughts

Because RG Three is without questioned about to be sought

The team he selects will hopefully not neglect 

To allow this brother to project and not be derelict 

Because when he comes to his town I feel

The fans will be gleaming with that RG Three appeal

Winning I hope is the his choice will reveal and RG Three again

Becomes the NFL’s real new again big deal

Just stay in the pocket and make passes look like rocket my brother.