Mar. 8, 2016

International Women's Day Salute

My Delight Is My Women’s Might

Who doesn’t enjoy the touch of a woman
Who cannot marvel at the thoughts of woman
Who can’t delight in the taste of woman
Go absolutely mad by the simple scent of a woman
Be driven to heights of passion by the sight of woman
Be totally enthralled by the words of woman
Totally memorized by the slinky walk of a woman
Be enchanted by the marvelous brain of woman
Fall head over heels in love with a woman
Have your breathe taking away by beauty and form of a woman
Here is my salute to my own precious magnificent woman
May you love me all the days of my life you wonderful woman 
God blessed me once I joined hands with you my woman
Thinking that you gave life to another what a gift my woman
Created this precious pearl to glorified the world
Allowing my heart to twirl and my mind to swirl
When my eyes laid sight on our brand new baby girl
Might I conclude this by saying thanks again
That you bring eternal hope and light to every essence of my life my lovely woman
My, My, My the simple pleasures of my life begin each day with the sight of a woman
What a wonderful way to celebrate our women we must focus bright lights on a woman 
Never lose sight that a woman gave you life 
Help each woman of the world avoid strife 
Let each of child she borne live a fill life
It is my hope that all of mankind fully appreciates the worth of a woman
That mankind provides equal pay for a woman
Allows every woman a say in bettering the world’s way
That is how I believe we all will see a great day
If we  choose to honor all of our women in this way
Might I conclude this note these words I wrote
Thanking God up high for his fantastic prize
That wonderful, beautiful creation a woman