Mar. 14, 2016

What Does It Really Mean All This Political Mumbo Jumbo

Many whites in America are trumped up

Damn you could even say they are racially pumped up

Yet Flint Michigan remains toxic dumped up

Hillary thinks blacks should remain lumped up

Bernie talks and folks get thumped up

Tell me why blacks always are the one’s that are pimped up?

Our hopes and dreams constantly skimped up

While everyone else’s issues are forever bumped up

 Clinton, Cruz, Kasich, Rubio, Sanders, Trump

All  talking from that same old political stump

More air coming from all of them than your average air pump

As you and I listen intently

Hear them telling damn lies ever so gently

Frankly Holmes’s it is so elementary

Our cities continue to die incidentally

Because  change for blacks isn’t coming consequently

Why does justice have a port of entry

Freddie dies troops come in as sentries

Shouldn’t that have stopped in the last damn century

Sanders feels we all live in one great big box

Hell I know some blacks who actually like lox

Trump’s people wants blacks to continually pulling that damn ox

Clinton’s acts as sneaky as fox

Damn you think Rubio really robbed Fort Knox

Because no one is listening to him on his soapbox

Ted Cruz’s brain seems as small as a matchbox

Kasich remains locked in broken republican ideological jukebox

Hillary your advisors  say you need botox

All this political bullshit makes me want to get a complete mental detox

Or maybe drink an entire bottle of malock

Is lead the secret ingredient

Getting justice from this crew isn’t really expedient

I simply say believe them if you will

Damn you gonna let all that kool aid spill

Black folks you know the drill

All them folks lie with such great skill

Our hopes and dreams they surely kill

People standing still never moving from that ideological treadmill

When are we going really show true goodwill

Donald Trump tells people they had better stay in Brazil

America is way past the days of Bunker Hill

Building walls to instill that America is losing her free will

Damn I running to that gin mill need something stronger than a advil

Liberty and justice needs a refill

Don’t you dare say this is God’s will

Hell what’s happening now is taking this nation downhill

Did I say justice and liberty was at a complete standstill

All this political mumbo jumbo

Deciphering lies gonna take Columbo

The hell with it all give me a bowl of hot gumbo.