Mar. 16, 2016

America Should Have Voter’s Remorse Trump Is Really Your Choice

Marco Rubio took Trump’s bait

Damn how in the hell did he lose his own state

Does anyone white in Florida really think straight?

Those republicans need an entirely new slate

Everyone knows Cruz carries no weight

Won’t be long be Trump before places him in checkmate

Kasich is only seeking a stalemate

Marco’s gone so it won’t be long 

Before Cruz becomes Trump’s new pawn

The list of vanquished is quite long

Pataki, Graham, Jindal, Perry, Walker, Huckabee

Names never held high in esteem

Anyone of them becoming president 

Well that was a fool’s dream

Paul, Christie, Santorum, Fiorina, Gilmore

More names that seem to gather no steam

Them being president didn’t warm anyone’s bloodstream 

Bush and Carson once lead this race

Neither of them couldn’t keep up with the pace

That’s why both are now bound for outer space

Not making decisions regarding an arms race

So it seems Trump’s assured of winning his place

If he wins will justice ever again be showcased

How can anyone vote for Trump with a straight face?

Damn if Trump isn’t calling for riots in the street

If his nomination isn’t fait de complete

Putting all of America on the hot seat

Threatening to give justice a devastating defeat

Nothing this fool says is hardly discreet

With all this crazy talk democrats must be upbeat

For the republican party will indeed be mincemeat.