Mar. 24, 2016




I was asked by someone in one of my social media groups to create a poem related to the negative image and imagery of these black on black fighting videos. This morning I noticed that the comedian Katt Williams was involved in a fray which had been recorded and posted to social media sites.  This negative recording is making it’s way on many social media sites today. It’s simply an example of terrible behavior by a sick individual. Katy Williams obviously needs medical attention. He’s in pain, plain and simple. However rather than move to assist him in finding help.  Our black community revels in the heartache that comes with his sickness. We put the video out there for entertainment sake.  This isn’t entertainment it’s pain, human pain purely displayed. It shouldn’t be something to trifle with nor should it be displayed for fun. The disturbing thing about the video is that is simply one of many negative images that we present to the community on social media on a daily basis.  Heck even I have been guilty of inflicting unintended harm to a person’s subconscious.  


The mind can process 40 bits of information consciously but receives 11 million bits on every minute subconsciously every minute. Our brains are a thing of immeasurable beauty and incredible strength. We need to as a community begin to cherish that mind but minimize what we put out there in the social media world  that can negatively impact our thoughts with images or imagery unhealthy for mental consumption. So I created this meme and poem that relates to controlling our thoughts. We should not buy into the game of mental destruction that is plied towards by those who don’t want our people’s to progress.  Overtime we copy and post a video of black on black fights we assist those who want us not to use our brains for power but for foolishness. How do I create everyday a different post that can engage and possible enrage? It’s because  I have come to understand over these many decades of life the power of my focused brain.


Each of us has the same power to make the leap of faith and belief in self to positively impact our thoughts. Change those thoughts of negativity to thoughts of POWER and watch the difference and how you perceive the world around you. You will no longer be a fool or be fooled, be tooled, or schooled by those who want to harm you. It sounds simple because it is simply GIGO is basis of how we are damaged daily by negativity. Garbage In Garbage Out has been the controls that the system wants us to drive our lives in. If we change that to PIPO we make a true difference. Power In Powered Out means we gain control mentally of what we perceive and how we want to be perceived. Because we have made the decision subconsciously and consciously to be solution makers not problem creators. 


Please go to my blog to see my posting of a new poetic salutation to controlling images and imagery.







What the hell is going on with this fella Katt?

Looks to me that the brother needs get off of that crack

Pretty soon Katt will need more than a flashback

He’s lost everything because he’s shown in this bushwhack

I saw another black fighting black video on social media today

Why do we continue create public mistrust in harmful way

Oh you get get mad hell but to me it’s just sad

Why blacks fighting blacks is so prevalent on social media all day

Someone shouted animal in a most hateful way

Just as they saw that black fighting black video on Facebook today

It seems just a dream yet justice should be our scream

Yet on social media black on black violence is seemingly always the theme

Loving your brother stops in midstream

Is visual black on black social media violence addicted to our communal bloodstream?

What the hell happen to Hakeem 

When will blacks showing video on social media begin losing steam

Or is this wish my peoples simply a pipe dream?

Why do we love showing violence on media sites held high in esteem

You know that we fall into the white media’s scheme

They think we show violence with all this gleam

Knowing full well showing violence on social media sites leads to so many lost dreams

Why again to we fallback and get caught up in that scheme?

I saw another black on black attack damn that beating showed neither party any slack

Is it all because we feel we will end up living in a shack

Hell we created Uber but we called it a hack

With all we have going why do we show an attack?

Black on black violence in frontal attacks

Being shown on social media is really a drawback

Wouldn’t you rather spin lines and create a soundtrack

Showing these videos without even getting a kickback

All these postings will earn is hellish feedback

Now is the time for us to fight back

Not the time for these media post whose aim is to sidetrack

White America we know the scheme

Get blacks disengaged is your primary theme

Well it’s time for all of us to wake from this dream

Hell my brothers and sisters we are all just one team

Keep posting them videos I think I will just scream

Why the hell do we allow others to steal our own dreams?

Keep posting them black on black fighting videos hey your on the wrong team

When will us showing them videos began to lose communal steam?

Showing video of uplift has never found a niche

Maybe that is why in progress we hardly moved an inch

Hell if this was 1950 would social media even flinch

Of the bodies hanging on trees bound in a lynch?

So you showing those videos you hardly winch

I saw another black on black fighting video on social media today

Why so many hits  damn our community should be in fits

So many of us lose our wits the image these videos transmit

Constantly showing these images will make us unfit

Keep on watching me them be that hypocrite

So can we move on from these images

Understand that your mind is precious

Only we can make this world a beautiful essence

Showing black on black fighting video is so adolescence.