Mar. 26, 2016

Salute To the Black Baseball Stars of My Youth

Salute To The Black Baseball Stars of My Youth 

Stretch, Stargell, Clemente, and Mays

Damn all them black ballplayers never cease to amaze

Keep folks in stands simply dazed and glazed

Stretch McCovey was a pitcher’s nightmare

Especially when Stretch decided to stare

Willie Stargell could hit baseballs still seated in chairs

Roberto Clemente played left field with such flair

Willie Mays in the batter’s box gave opposing manager’s a scare

The Dodgers had the Davis’s Tommie and Willie

Along with Maury they ran the bases making opponents looking quite silly

Aaron, Robinson, Brock, and Alou

Those cats could hit baseballs even when down with the flu

Hell Lou Brock would even run out his shoe

Fastest cat I knew his speed could even cook his team’s evening stew

Hank Aaron sure enough made man of pitchers feeling blue

Frank Robinson was the team’s winning glue

The Alou brothers Felipe, Matty and Jesus

Played the game hard didn’t need tainted juice

Put them in the outfield let them simply be let loose

Gibson, Banks, Oliva and Carew

Each of these players lead teams to a successful breakthrough

Bob Gibson was mean his pitches made hitters look obscene

Didn’t he strike out nineteen damn he was a pitching machine

Ernie Banks was legend he’s still playing 2 while in heaven 

His jersey number was two times seven

Tony Oliva’s hitting was majestic

Tony O made pitcher’s seem domestic

Rod Carew was his teammate

Now these two surely made the Twins quite vested

You see these two together opposing teams were indeed tested

Marichal, Morgan, Jenkins, and Flood

Growing up these players as young child

Watching them play made us all smile

Maybe that’s why we didn’t run buck wild 

Learning to love baseball as a schoolchild.