Mar. 29, 2016

Black Lives Matter Is More Than Just A Phrase

This is Dedicated To My Friends At Black Lives Matter Social Media Site


Of Course Black Lives Matter


Of course black lives matter

Everyone should love our black children climb freedom’s ladder

Surely we are all tired of seeing all that bloody splatter

Killing dreams and putting injustice on racial platter

Why all the noise and the inhumane chatter

Stand up now for black lives that surely do matter

So when will we rise to gain our prize

Black people no longer can fall for lies

We simply tired of hearing mother’s cries

As another black child needlessly dies

Under America’s darkened skies

As liberty and justice hides in disguise

Yes my black people it’s time to get wise

To go further in depth and understand the why’s

Otherwise we will continue to see black lives shatter

Or face the winds of oppression that constantly batter

So yes those that run for the nation’s positions

You must focus on improving black people’s conditions

Stop focusing on building aimless and hurtful munitions

Time to put killing our babies in humane remission

We need them to be future physicians and technicians

Hell even some need to be elected politicians

Questioning this movement only elevates our suspicions

You think you could sign this black lives matter petition

We need to start  a savings black lives commission

That could be the start of a worthwhile tradition

So of course black lives matter

They may not have mattered always

But this movement is much more then a phrase

It certainly deserves our community praise

We as black people want to end this malaise

We allowed ourselves to accept being in perpetual daze

With all these bodies creating a negative maze

So many of try to look sideways

We had to stop or our cities would end up ablaze

No need for white people to ask that we rephrase

You see black lives matters is more than a phase

We will fight this battle until the end of all days

You won’t chock off this movement by blocking airways

So as I end my salute to this valuable cause

Let’s hope law enforcement officers adhere to the laws

Stop thinking the only answer is breaking black people jaws

You see intended unjust violence has so many flaws

Black Lives Matters should give not one of us pause

Hell Black Live’s Matters have it’s own judicial clause

We gotta get all blacks folks behind this great cause

Then get all of America to join in a applause

Hopefully our children will live long and live free

Yes Black Lives Matter will be the nation’s decree.