Mar. 30, 2016

The Graduation Gap Keeps Expanding While Justice In Our Community Takes A Crash Landing

My mind went wandering about today 

Sure wish my thoughts were about getting pay

Or even about heartfelt knee bent pray

But all I could conjure up was that black people still being prey

And how justice continues to be lead astray

Why do they think it’s so cool too betray

Keep putting inequality on the informational airway

I saw that they said Jamar’s prints were on that officer’s gun

So the D.A. announced fair use of that deadly handgun

The lies being weaved and so easily spun

Why in the hell did those officers fire those guns

Get off of the streets and stop being deadbeats

Janet Harteau said her cops will now shoot in a heartbeat

Alway that I hear is for the call that demands we retreat

Otherwise you will see more of us laying dead in the streets

Getting justice in America for some would be sweet

But from all that I see is young black males being treated like skeet

Why all those dead bodies lying still on city streets?

So to my mind wandering 

I guess I need to do some more pondering

You see another fact that showed this unjust attack

They say blacks are involved in a huge graduation gap

You see while other groups are climbing

Graduation for blacks is in America is declining

We got to understand that we need to keep grinding

Otherwise our young people will find justice spellbinding

Do you still pay that loan 

Or just simply ignore that creditor’s phone

All those college dollars blown

We will never reach justice’s throne

College degrees escaped via the drone

Again do I have too answer that creditor’s phone?

It looks as if my career has flow out to the farthest reaches of the ozone

The plans that confront us aren’t truly unknown

They want our young blacks buried without headstones

Did that Minneapolis cop want to keep us in the kill zone?

I am tired of seeing momma’s pay for tombstones

I would like all our young black men to afford to buy a brownstone

And stop living poor in cities like Bayonne

The need to keep wishing upon justice’s wishbone

No we cannot continue to face this hailstone

Equality and justice can longer be postponed

Killing of black babies can longer be condoned

No matter who does it they must all atone

You see killing our youth will break our backbone

We cannot let our communities constantly groan

Dammit someone answer justice’s phone.