Mar. 31, 2016

Drop That Phone Hands Up!

Yesterday, I read where some arms company has decided that someone needed a gun that could mimic a phone. Well,  America this isn’t simply creating a clone or some damn drone. This development could lead to black bodies prone.



Drop The Phone Hands Up!


Hands up drop the phone

Now why you searching for record

You know that phone will get you floored

Video taping illegal acts have certainly soared

You see that brother running in Charleston

Yeah I was filming Walter running

Watching that video was so shunning

Without that phone that cops story would be cunning

Now with this phone gun they will be outgunning

For a speeding bullet I will not be outrunning

Certainly that cop thought he was a marksman

Had not that phone been on record

The images not justly stored

The killing would have been ignored

Now you tell me that phone you got

Increases the chances of being shot

You ending up in a cemetery plot

You humanly remains left only to rot

Hands up my brother drop that phone

Before an unexpected bullet causes a blood clot

You know that many of them are indeed crackpots

Looking for ways to call in teams of arm bearing swats

You can’t stop bullets with just a slingshot

They will twist this story all up in a knot

So tell me why that company’s sin

Was turning this cell phone into a gun

Which now puts all that carry in a tailspin

Recording these acts now cause a chagrin

Drop that phone or become a has been

Drop that phone my astute brother

Or you will never again see your own mother

Someone in a think tank

Decided that video taping was becoming to frank

So make that gun like a phone

So that holding it leads one over that gang plank

Killing him was now more than a prank

Now no black man is safe even in Burbank

It’s better to move to the Left Bank

Because cell phones are guns

They will continuing killing our sons

Now that phones can be confused with handguns

Many of our brothers will never see their grandsons

Hell many will never outlive their sons

Since that phone was confused for a gun

These verses are now certainly more than a pun