Apr. 1, 2016

Why So Many Mass Murders In The Of The Free

This morning I guess I could’ve gone the route of developing some creation dedicated to the fools of April but I think I’ll pass. Yesterday at a  Richmond, Virginia bus station someone decided it was their turn to create murder and mayhem on the American public.  In addition in Baltimore two men one father and son decided that it was a good idea to head out in public armed with some guns. They both were shot dead not given a chance in the sun. You see they were indeed easily outgunned.  So I decided to create this poetic piece on America’s love of the gun. Why do some crazed men feel so cool with leaving dead murdered bodies to rot in the sun? 


Why So Many Murders in The Land of the Free 


Why so many murders in this land of the free

Can someone turn off the spigot of these crazed killing sprees

Too many mass shootings in this nation 

Has got everyone frantically pacing; 

Folks looking strange all their minds racing; 

Stepping over all them bullet casings and dead body tracings;

All these mass murders has this nation facing

Scenes of mass murders is why we are bracing

Seems to me America needs total embracing;

America has this mass murder fixation;

Damn even killing folks seeking salvation;

Makes all us caution listening to that radio station;

Who’s waking today with a need for predation

Seeking some sort of sadistic ovation

What’s in these folks minds senseless mutation

Killing these innocents insures eternal damnation

Yes this nation needs now is a killing vacation

Ot least can let us now beforehand the killing location

So we can start some type of human migration

Why do killers think they deserve any elation

They kill in a bus station

Then move to destroy life in a train station

Then the decide to destroy life at their work station

America has a hook what a terrible temptation

Again tell me why this nation has such a heinous flirtation

Hell they will even mass murder at the local gas station

Why do they wake up seeking predation

America truly needs to change the narration

Otherwise mass murder is here for the duration

Somebody please change this crazy rotation

Mass killings are more than just some crazed man’s flirtation

This nation created this crazed man’s need to expel his deadly frustrations

Mass murdering is really an unseemly vocation

Damn is this why America builds all those space stations

Knowing this nation has such a deadly foundation

Did these mass murderers learn killing on their Playstation

Seems like many of these games are based on human predation

These fools need to expand beyond their video plantations

Maybe some of these men need to see more female gyrations

This may cause some to seek sexual salvation

Which may lead to fewer murdered body cremations

So that is the end of today’s poetic summation.