Apr. 2, 2016

Black Live Matter Needs All Races and Creeds To Lift Up Our Black Communities Most Pressing Needs

Yes my people black lives do matter 

Not all whites serve black injustice on a racist platter

Hell some white’s even have decent gray matter

They aren’t plotting to boost black blood splatter

They also ignore hateful racist chatter

So why can’t they join blacks to lift not shatter

Some white firmly understand the subject matter

Denying this ignores the crux of the matter

We have some black who simply mistrust

Why not so many whites have shown they are unjust

Yet when the city black murder rates mushroom

It isn’t the time for decent whites to stay in their plush rooms

We need to have all hands on deck

Otherwise our black communities stay wrecked

So when the call is for blacks lives that matter

Understand that all whites don’t serve injustice on a racist platter

Hell some white’s have a fair amount of healthy gray matter

They walked arm in arm with King

Some felt that racist tear gas sting 

Some were even taught to sing

Some died so it wasn’t just a fling

Nor were they simply playing out the string

In 1963 William Moore wanted to settle this racial score

He was killed by white racists that’s for sure

His being white never matter more

He stood for black rights which the white racists could not abhor

In 1964 Bruce Klunder stood firm made racist whites squirm

So those mean bastards crushed him like a germ

Bruce’s fight for black justice never went full term

Andrew and Michael had one simple dream

They both wanted justice on the same team

Both those who killed them only wanted screams

You see racists don’t care if you are colored like cream

Pastor Reeb was headed down Selma’s way

Hoping that blacks and whites had a great day

Whites beat him to death and crushed his airway

Simply because he no long for blacks to stop being prey

Denying rights for black people was the racist’s buffet

All Pastor Reeb wanted was that all people should pray

Viola was shamed by scenes of the day

Headed herself down old Selma’s way

The racists who killed simply shouted get the hell out of the way

Black Lives Matter oh not on this day

Jonathan Daniels worked hard for the vote

By that county sheriff shot him dead in the throat

In Alabama that’s all that he wrote

Fighting for blacks racists felt he be smote

Throw his ass in the river and see if he bloats

So don’t dare you say that white’s can’t encounter

Those who hate blacks are a real downer

Yes whites can stand with us

In this Black Lives Matter struggle

It’s not as if we all have to all snuggle

But dammit to hell all hands on deck are now needed

Otherwise our calls will continue to go unheeded

So all know Black Lives Matter has succeeded