Apr. 3, 2016

Don’t Get Mad, Sad or Break Bad Build Economic Power Comrade

We in the black community can’t seem to turnover a dollar

Yet some of these black folks don’t seem to holler

Why in the hell are we so fucking tight in the collar

It’s not as if some of us won’t beat the hell out the scholar

Asians, Arabs, and Greeks spend all our money

They even buy their own honey 

While we remain meek and that church wants me to turn that other cheek

While the black pastor’s vehicles are so sleek

Is that the reason our community remains so economically weak

Is it because we won’t accept a valid critique?

It’s like saving our dollars is so damn mystique

Others can do it  so let’s learn those money saving techniques

We act as if saving our dollars makes us all weak

Hell we rather buy our kids Jordan’s and build our physique

Then have those same children be labeled as geeks

This stupid ass spending money strategy really needs a damn tweak

Why you stand in the sneaker line all the damn week

Just keep buying Nike’s you will never peak

Turning over our money why is that so unique

You see with money comes the power that we all surely seek

We can all decide to open black owned only boutiques

That’s when all of the companies will listen when we speak

You see  now blacks will have power of thousands of sheiks

Companies like Nike, Apple, and Macy will finally freak

Because lines for buying Nike’s will become so antique

And all of our black dollars are no longer headed up creek

The sight of those saving dollars will make rich white people reek

You see no longer will blacks avoid cash saving techniques

So don’t get mad, sad or break bad

We have to something significant comrade

If you read this you know that these words ring so true

Black people need an economic breakthrough

We need to find that black money savings guru

Stop wasting our monies on the latest hairdo

Or popping those bottles with gold laden corkscrews

You see spending our dollars with no aim in sight

Only ensures our black dollars take flight

That my friends brings our enemies delight

It also keeps our communities in despicable blight

You see our communities are so damn scattered in thought

The idea of saving our monies well that wasn’t taught

Opening black owned businesses that went for naught

Standing in lines for Nike’s oh that disease was now caught

The battle for black economic independence needs to be fought

So don’t get mad, sad or break bad

We need to start saving our monies comrades

Black economic wealth is now on the launchpad