Apr. 6, 2016

Listen America The Minister Is Talking

Of course the right Minister has been verbally abused

He’s scorned by the press and hated by the jews

You see that what happens when you expose blacks being used

The whites say Farrakhan isn’t right for our nation

Yet those same whites will inflict pain without any hesitation

Politicians will run in fright 

Simply when the Minister’s comes in sight

You see the unrighteous  are not ready for his  God delivered might

Minister Farrakhan speaks the truths

About our black community’s endangered youths

Some who love him call him prophet

He does God’s works ignores the profit

Injustice and inequality aren’t nonprofit

When the Minister makes the call

We met on the mall 

Black folks standing tall

Two million in all

Black folks needed brawl

Why do others run from view

They dissent as if on queue

The Minister’s call for justice is not through

He ask only that white people respect the creek and the sioux

Yet some black ministers sit in the corner and stew

Demanding dollars from the pew

Although their parishioners truly need a breakthrough

The Minister called for Santa’s death

Said it was time to share the pain

Time for blacks to get some gain

Time to stop this economic drain

Time for us too use our brain

Santa Claus was never slain

Black people had to merge into the redistribution of the pain lane

The Minister asked that we consider the cost

Was Santa the reason for our loss

He asks that we think hard and fast

You see wealth is something black never amassed

The dollars in our pockets quickly passed

All we seemingly got from America was ways to be physically harassed

Hold on to those dollars kill that holiday forecast

Maybe true justice will be the next broadcast

The Minister went to Iran

He’s never been anyone’s pawn

Nor will he fall into our nation’s con 

Respected by peers

Received Iranian cheers

But some in America only gave sneers

So Brother Boyce Watkins has written strong words

Asking that our people understand and measure

That Minister Farrakhan is actually this nation’s treasure

You see when he speaks all age ranges listen

Maybe in time this country will finally glisten