Apr. 22, 2016

Enough Doves Have Cried Now Is Time For Our Doves To Fly

Yesterday I posted an social media analogy that reflected on the death of the “iconic one” known as Prince to that young lady Amy Inita who was beaten to death in the bathroom at Howard High School of Technology yesterday. While many people understood the nature of the post. Some felt that I had committed a blasphemous act to even align those two deaths on the same post. How dare I do such a thing. Well, I just wanted to clarify something this morning. It was not my intent to bring any undue negative feelings to the situation related to Prince’s passing. You see I grew as a man listening and grooving to the majesty and genius that was the essence of the “iconic one”. Whenever I went clubbing as a young man I always enjoyed grooving to the music of Prince. If I needed a pick me up I could always turn to one of his selections to bring some positive glow to my day.  Of course we will mourn the death of Prince his contributions to the creative side of our existence will live on for how ever long society survives. Prince had that type of talent and genius. So please mourn his passing. Prince deserves our thoughts about his life’s contributions. 

What was in my post was the worsening reality that this world has become. When young ladies are now battling to the death in school bathrooms. Something is truly wrong with this nation.  This nation is certainly a nation without communal peace in so many facets of our day to day existence. Amy Inita, left for school yesterday morning just like my own 15 year old daughter left for school. She must likely had the same or similar dreams that my daughter had. She never returned home from school for Amy Inita ended up in blacken body bag. Amy was a victim of the insane violence that is sweeping across so many of our communities today. Amy’s footprint on this society was completely erased yesterday afternoon in a school bathroom. She won’t be able to follow her path. Amy will not encounter any more pleasure nor pain that life should have given her. She like so  many other of her peers won’t live to see the life that they so richly deserved.  This young lady could have been the mother to the next musical genius, or maybe one of her offspring could have nurtured that greatness in their children. We will now never know because her life was stuffed out in a high school bathroom yesterday.  

That is why I said what I said in the post. It is also why I aligned both deaths in the same post. Yes to me it was completely relevant to do such a comparison. Amy Inita moved me to feel such great despair about both the act and the result of the act. I grieve for the life of Amy Inita. While Prince’s death was sudden and unexpected. Prince lead a rich life and will be honored over the next few days by the titans of all types of industry.  His death will and should be honored and his life accomplished forever preserved. Yet, in the back of my mind I wonder about who grieves for those like Amy Inita?

The “iconic one” reflected on one of his most memorable songs; when doves cry how life can overtake us in sadness.  This morning I call out that we have seen way too many doves crying in our communities. We need to allow our doves to fly not cry. I hope you now understand why I wrote what I wrote yesterday.