Apr. 22, 2016

Why Does It Seem That The World Has Spun Off It's Humane Sphere

I'm not going to show that Florida patrol car camera on this post. I am simply going to ask who allows victims to simply drown in plain site? I mean in Florida three, that's right three young black females drown to death in a vehicle while police officers stand by and watch. The sheriff just three weeks ago told the media that they dove in the water and attempted to rescue the girls. He lied they attempted no rescue they ignored the screams of those girls. They didn't express horrid in the act they talked amongst themselves as if it's just another day.

What in the hell is happening in this nation of ours? What in the hell has become of our humanity? Why is humanity to others simply bypassing so many people in this nation? We have some seriously sick individuals walking around masquerading as humans. They treat each other worst than they treat mongrel dogs. Black Lives Do Matter they have always mattered. America what you do the least of us will be repaid in retribution by the powers most high.

This action of total neglect shows that man's inhumanity to man is a reality far to horrific to comprehend. I hope that we can gather ourselves together and learn to live as brothers. Otherwise the world in which we live will deteriorate beyond any meaningful recognition.

Timmy Thomas wrote this song in 1973. It still rings so true today: