Apr. 28, 2016

Worthy Kickstarter Campaign

OK my friends and blog followers my Fraternity Brother needs your support. Damon Renthrope wants to publish his wonderful new children's book. He needs our support in order for this too happen. He only needs $7500.00 to initiate this intial project.
Let me tell as someone who was involved in publishing for over 35 years. The fact that we have an illustrator with also the desire to share words with his pictures is extraordinary. We truly need to jump on board this project with both feet.
I can clearly see this book becoming a series of successful children's books that encourage and teach children of all ages and colors. The fact that Damon Renthrope will be that male children's book author will make it that more dynamic.
So why can we get 300 brothers to donate $25.00 each for this project. Hey in a decade or so when Brother Damon Renthrope has created 10 books in the series you will feel like you have supported this project in its infancy.
So come on make that $25.00 donation it isn't going to kill you or force you on the streets. However, if this book encourages more children to read and achieve then it will be a worthwhile investment.