May. 4, 2016

Is America Is Headed For Destruction

OK, I didn't want to go there today but damn why? Why tell me why? What is going on in this nation of ours? Donald Trump who has basically verbally savaged every ethnic group in this nation is the Republican nominee for President. His advisor for the selection  his running mate is none other than Ben “Damn I’m Crazy” Carson.

Then this comes out this afternoon. I am as liberal thinking as they come but having Sports Illustrated jump into the world of nude photography with images of Bruce "Caitlyn Jenner is just a little bit too much for this brother. I mean first Sports Illustrated dived into the swimsuit editions. Now they are moving into this bizarre macabre world of fantasy. Really what happened to just reporting on the world of sports you know football, baseball, basketball, horse racing, track and field, hockey, or boxing isn't that enough? Why does the editorial staff of Sports Illustrated feel that America wants to see a 60+ year old transgender way over the hill man/woman nude? Really? Really? Is this what we call progress in human relationships?

Is Donald Trump really the Presidential Nominee for the Republican Party? America is twisted folks simply twisted. How did this happen? Why is this happening? Minister Farrakhan warned us on the National Mall on 10/10/15 that America was facing a reckoning for all its past deeds.  The seeds of destruction had been planted and the verdict was already in. I hoped that his words weren’t prophetic because who wants to see the devastation of a nation. Yet with all that is going on in this country could his words become reality?