May. 17, 2016

Really Steven Monkeys?

Come On Man With The Monkey Analogies

I remember back in the day Howard Cosell describing the exploits of diminutive sports athletes as little monkeys. Of course, for Howard Cosell, it didn't matter if you were black or white the only thing that mattered was that you had to be small.

Well last night after OKC's comeback win over Golden State, Steven Adams used the term to describe the entire backcourt of the Golden State Warriors.

He immediately went to social media to apologize for the use of the phrase "those quick little monkeys". I mean he is from down under what do you except right? With all the verbal vitriol that is being spread in our country today. Steven Adams surely needs to think before he talks. Our President has been described as monkey ever since he took office by some of our white brethren. So I will accept this slight that occurred last night as purely a cultural mistake. Although why he used the term is sketchy at best.