May. 17, 2016

Can My People Wake Up?

Really Jamal Bryant

People need to stop drinking this brother's kool aid he's not his daddy or his daddy's daddy. He's flawed quite a bit and believes that he above those below him. I simply don't understand the fascination with Jamal Bryant. I love and respected with the utmost his daddy Bishop Bryant. Heck, it was after hearing Bishop Bryant at the Christian Center one Sunday that I joined Bethel AME Church. Yet this cat with all his glitter and gold smells just a little funky. Sisters drool in his presence which is absolutely unhealthy I feel. He is simply a man like you and I with a misguided moral compass. I've made many a mistake in my life so I can't point the finger of shame at this cat. However, I'm not speaking and delivering supposed salvation to the masses. Now, why would Jamal impregnate a sister who was plying her trade? So he went in bareback really with all the diseases that are in the Baltimore Community? I mean he was taking a chance of catching all kinds of diseases and passing them on to the next sister he slept with. Wake up folks not every man of the cloth has your best interest at heart. What do you say you, my brothers and sisters, I say he an absolute idiot. I mean this sister said he impregnated her after a massage session, really Jamal Bryant?