May. 23, 2016

Hey Officer Nero Who Said Were Anyone’s Hero

Hey Officer Nero Who Said Were Anyone’s Hero

Hey Officer Nero Who Said Were Anyone’s Hero

It’s been more than a year since Freddie Gray died on Baltimore City’s murderous frontier.

The judgment is in for one of those men responsible for Freddie leaving this damn sphere and this here atmosphere.

The judge’s decision was perfectly clear; his decision will cause many to sneer while others will leer.

It does appear that justice, in this case, will not even premiere and these killing men and women should have nothing to fear.

If this judge’s decision is anyway close to precise; hell they should be out in streets with victorious cheers.

While those seeking justice in Freddie Gray’s murderous ride will continue to cause Baltimore a human divide.

Damn justice, in this case, allows murderers to slide; wasn’t all of these officer’s responsible to Freddie’s last ride?

The city was burning and hatred was churning and with these verdicts it seems no one was learning and that to me is quite, quite concerning.

So Officer Nero some may think you skated and for many who waited this verdict will look like justice’s for Freddie is desecrated.

This verdict is so calculated, maybe even calibrated but it damn sure had better not be celebrated why am I so agitated?

Two verdicts down one hung and one walking but poor Freddie Gray was murdered and that really stung.

Baltimore City’s urban frontier is based on out and out fear; for justice in Freddie Gray’s case has yet to premiere.

Officer Nero, who really thinks that your actions were really all clear?