Jun. 3, 2016

Warrior Ball Is The New King Ball

More Than 60 Second Thought On This Magnificent Friday
Oh well, the Sandman made his call on me last night at about 10:30 PM during the Warriors and Cavs Game One NBA Playoff Finals. These 9:00 PM starts simply aren’t conducive to my 62-year-old body. Especially a body that is experienced enhanced pain for the last 6 or so months. I know that narcotics aren’t the answer they mask the pain and this nerve damage is simply something I live with on a day to day basis now. Well, that isn’t the reason for today’s post I don’t think anyone wants to read about my pain regimentation today. Today’s post centers on how last night’s game will affect the remaining games of this series. Essentially if I am reading this correctly the Splash Brothers combined for only 20 points last night. Did I read that right Steph Curry and Klay Thompson only scored 20 points combined? Really, and the Warriors still won the game by 15 points. That surely can’t bode well for the mighty Lebron James lead Cleveland Cavaliers. Heck, the Cavs couldn’t even crack 90 points. Last year’s game one ended in an overtime victory for the Warriors followed by two consecutive wins by the Cavs in Games 2 and 3. I fear that this year’s version of the last year’s Warriors victory will be quicker and definitely more absolute.
The Warriors bench outscored the Cavs bench by 35 points, 45-10 which is quite significant. Since it was said by many prognosticators that the newly minted Cavs bench was going to rise up and make a difference this year. Hey, they added Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye to the bench to combat the Warriors small ball second unit. Well, that equation simply didn’t manifest itself in Game One last night. From what I read this morning, the Shawn Livingston that played for the LA Clippers before he torn up his knee in that devastating injury reappeared with a vengeance. Shawn simply had his way with the Cavs backcourt with 80% shooting from the field. The Cavs Big Three of James, Irving and Love scored 66 points in total on offense. However, the major problem for the Cavs is 2 of the Big Three have the tendency to play “ole” defense when the ball isn’t in the Cavs hands. The Big Three of the Cavs is the Disappearing Two on the defensive side of the ball. That’s not changing anytime soon which isn’t great for those hoping for a Cavs championship run in 2016. Does anybody really think that the Splash Brothers will shoot 8-27 from the field and 4-12 from behind the 3 point arc again? No way that is going happen again. Heck, if Coach Lue had forecasted that the Splash Brothers will have such an off night then I am sure he would be smiling this morning having snatched home court from the Warriors in Game One. Well, that didn’t happen. If the Cavs can’t break 90 when the Splash Brothers can’t contribute more than 20 points. Then what is going to happen to this Cavs team when Curry and Thompson turn it up in the remaining games? You can say that the Cavs are a better team than last year’s edition because Love and Irving are in the mix but this Warrior team is special, far more special than any team that has ever played in the league if there win total is any indicator.
They were on the ropes against the Thunder, hell, they were beaten down like Joe Frazier against George Foreman in Games 1-4 but the Warriors came back like Buster Douglas did against Mike Tyson in Games 5-7 and clearly delivered a convincing knockout blow against a really good Thunder Team. This Cleveland Cavs team simply isn’t in the same league with this new age Golden State Warriors. I am sorry Lebron but there is a new king in town and he resides in Golden State. The king isn’t hero ball it’s a magnificent display of team ball. Hell, my two best scorers have an off night so what King Team Ball picks up the slack. We are witnessing basketball greatness this season and we all should appreciate it for it’s likely never to be replicated again. Unless of course Golden State decides that a three-peat is the order of the day. I hate to write off any team that delivers LeBron James on a nightly basis but this Warriors is something special. Hey, Lebron, you are a free agent this summer if you cannot them why not join them. That is the only way you will sniff a championship ring while this Warrior team climbs the pinnacle of NBA stardom. Oh, the Cavs maybe will win 2 games maybe but no way that can beat this Warriors team four times in 2016. So it will be 53 years and counting for the City of Cleveland to celebrate a championship trophy. Hell, all they had to do was build the Browns and Art Modell a new stadium and they would have celebrated 2 Super Bowl Trophies. Yet, they decided that Municipal Stadium was good enough for the Browns, Even though that mistake was collapsing all around itself. Thanks for that mistake Cleveland because the two Baltimore Ravens Championship Trophies look great in the display case at One Ravens Drive in Owings Mill, Maryland. Oh, and by the way stop stonewalling Art Modell’s entry into the Hall of Fame since wasn’t it Art Modell’s 1964 Browns team that last won a championship for your city?