Jun. 3, 2016

Get Well Champ

The Greatest Of All Time is fighting for his life in a Phoenix Area Hospital. Muhammad Ali was indeed the Prince of Peace for so many of the young people my age growing up in the 1960 and 1970's. Heck, Muhammad Ali could've taken his belt and his cash and simply raised his right hand in Houston, Texas. Yet Muhammad had the principles ingrained in him by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam. He stood for something greater than green, greater than fame. Muhammad Ali was a Minister of Peace whose occupation simply was that of a professional boxer. Oh, he suffered financially because he made that decision. Many people in our community lashed out against the champ for his refusal to serve. Not me I marveled as a 13-year kid from Baltimore that Muhammad Ali stood for something greater than green.
The Champ lost untold millions of dollars but to me, he secured his place in the annals of greatness for infinity because he refused to go against his principles and the teachings of his religion. "Those Viet Cong never done anything to me" were his words and I as a black man don't have true freedom in this nation. Why would I go and fight someone whose only aim is secure freedom for themselves? Eventually, the SCOTUS struck down in a historic decision Muhammad Ali's conviction. Muhammad Ali was able to pursue his occupation as a boxer. He fought Jerry Quarry in Atlanta, Georgia in his return to the ring. He also had many a memorable battle with numerous foes during the 1970's. However, those epic battles left the champ with Parkinson's Disease. He never sought pity and still he has remained strong. As you fight this current battle champ know that we as a group of people honor your continued courage. Fight on Champ for the love that the world has for Muhammad Ali is the greatest of all loves. We only want the best for you because you only gave the best of yourself to each of us in life.