Jun. 5, 2016

Help Us Help Others

Each year the fraternity brothers of Iota Phi Theta’s Graduate Chapter on Southern Maryland Beta Phi Omega Chapter has it’s chapter activity to raise funds for needy college students either entering college or already enrolled in college.
We as graduates of esteemed college and universities across the nation understand the fiscal hardships young people encounter when attempted to secure this needed resource to fiscal and civic foundational strength. As such in 2016 we will have our annual Summer Gala for Scholarship Donations. Since many of my social network friends cannot attend the actual event I am still requesting that you donate $30.00 to the cause. It is our hope to raise enough funds to provide a minimum of 10 worthy students $500.00 dollar scholarships. Of course, if we can crush our goal to exceed the needed $5000.00 to meet the never-ending demand for the economic support we would love to do so.
So even if you are unable to attend the event on July 9, 2016, please visit our website at bpoiota.com and hit the donate button add your name to the list of brothers and sisters who desire greatness from the youth of our community. Many of these young people can only achieve this accomplishment with the financial assistance of those of us who have already managed to reach that educational plateau. Of course, a minimum of $30.00 is requested for each donation but we will accept any amount to build towards our financial objective.
If you are able to attend this year’s event on July 9, 2016, then hit the purchase button. I assure you it will be an extremely delightful and fun filled night for those in attendance. Help Us Help Others so that our future communities across the country will have the leaders necessary to build a brighter tomorrow. So remember to go to bpoiota.com and hit Donate or if you plan to attend hit Buy Now. Either choice will be a choice for a better tomorrow for our young people. Those who support this effort will have a richer understanding of how their dollars can indeed make a better America. Each of your donations besides going to a worthy cause is tax deductible as well.