Jun. 10, 2016

A Final Goodbye Champ

Final Goodbye Champ,
I have already said my goodbyes to the Champ with my tributes earlier this week. So I think I will bypass today's memorial services since I would like to maintain a positive image leading into the weekend. Muhammad Ali, you were simply the greatest symbol of independence and defiance that I had encountered in my life.
Muhammad, you stood up against personal injustice when 99.99% of most people would've buckled under the financial pressure you're stance had caused. That Muhammad Ali the brash, bold, defiant warrior and man of God was silenced by the many additional blows he took in that box that he had to stay in simply way too long.
Today's services will bring about closure to those who may have never known that man. Nor, would many of those who celebrate his passing stood alongside that bold, defiant brother who risked it all for a cause he firmly believed in. I hope that in you final moments on this planet just for a brief period of time that Muhammad Ali was awakened from his slumber and shook the rafters of justice one final time. Maybe that's why when all other parts of your body had stopped your heart continued to beat for those miraculous 30 final minutes. That was that one last show of defiance to let everyone know that the Ali was always right to stand for justice and against injustice.
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, rumble young man rumble thanks for all you gave me in your time here on this planet. In some ways, this planet was not good enough for the greatness that is and will always be Muhammad Ali.