Jun. 11, 2016

A Saturday Morning Reflective Thought

I might get some folks mad at me this morning but upon reflection to not have the Minister Louis Farrakhan speak yesterday at the celebration of the life of Muhammad Ali was quite disheartening. I mean the Minister has captured the aura of Ali in so many outstanding acts of compassion in this country and around the world.
I know that it may have been a move to ensure political correctness but wasn't the memorial service tinged with political undertones? You have President Clinton on the dais, yes a former President but a former President responsible for the mass incarceration of so many young black men in this nation due to his federal incarceration policies. Yet not to have the number Islamic figure in this nation not to have a place on the program was questionable at best.
Tomorrow Minister Farrakhan will dedicate his Sunday message to the legacy of the great Muhammad Ali his brother in praise of Allah. This will be an opportunity to hear the educated historic teachings of the relationship between Muhammad Ali and Nation of Islam. If I am unable to listen live I will definitely watch and listen to the recorded message.
How can you not have someone of dynamic and instrumental to the life of Muhammad Ali not on yesterday's memorial service? Yes, you had representation from all the world's religions on the program but the absence of Minister Farrakhan was quite noticeable at least to me. I didn't see the service yesterday because I was aware that Minister Farrakhan was not scheduled to speak. I did, however, watch this morning Billy Crystal's 14-minute presentation it was indeed magnificent and paid great homage to the man who I knew Muhammad Ali.
This will be my last post related to Muhammad Ali for a bit. Maybe I'll do something when we celebrate his birthday. I just needed to get that off my chest. I hope that I didn't offend anyone I just wanted to express my thought. I am known for my blog www.joesmokethoughts.com.