Jun. 11, 2016

Wake Up America

Wake Up America The Time Is Now Not Later!

Is this 2016 or 1954 is this Dick Russell or David Perdue representing Georgia in the Senate of the United States? I mean he all but prayed a prayer calling for the quick demise of our President. Who just happens to be a man of color. 

Really, AmeriKa is that what you feel about President Obama/ Os that why the nasty ass Republicans have decided to nominate Donald Trump?  This nation is gaining steam towards a racial confrontation due to all the bigotry that has manifested itself for the past 7 years of the Obama Presidency.  I mean you would've thought that after all the supposed progress this nation would awaken renewed with a sense of equality and racial progress. 

However, Amerika's true sense of racial superiority by those of the white race is hastening towards a path of utter destruction. We must as a people learn to live on this planet as one. This world is as flat as it has ever been.  Please wake up from these ignorant perceptions and crazed thoughts because this isn't the path towards a nation's greatness but a true path to a nation's destruction. Does this nation live our its supposed democratic equal justice for all creed or continue to lapse into the racial hatred of past deeds. Will this nation ever awaken to the days of racial harmony? 

Will it ever harmonize greatness or is this nation doomed to saturate itself in deceit and injustice?