Jun. 16, 2016


Caught this video this morning can anyone, and I mean can anyone simply just understand that until this original sin is addressed by the nation. This nation will never ever, ever, ever live out the full supposed creed that "all men are created equal endowed with inalienable rights". America, until you come to grips with your continued passion to enslaved and dish injustice. Until you America come to grips that reparation must be paid to a battered, maligned peoples. Until you, America realizes that a true commitment to democratic principles is achieved. This nation will be saddled with constant conflicts and acts of extreme aggression because of its refusal to invest in finding true solutions to addressing the DNA of the negative influences of slavery and all that channeled from it.

This is more than paying for grievances for horrific acts of hatred, injustice, and ignorance. It is a nation that must redistribute the pain so that all of its citizens can appreciate the supposed greatness of America. Please view this video and share this post because some people in the majority community of this nation understand the vile, deceitful history of how blacks and red people were treated in this nation and how they are continued to be treated. #reparationsnowisthetime #releasethepainandcurethenation #americathehomeofthebravepeopleofcolor #endthesufferingredistributethepain