Jun. 16, 2016

America Needs To Come To Grips With Racial Disparity and Bigotry


My brothers and sisters I would like to share this data report with social media this afternoon. I behoove all of my black friends to read and share this report with as many people as you can. We as a community can no longer sit idly by while so many of us languish in penal institutions across this nation.
Earlier this morning I address how the prison has become the new enslavement trap for so many of our younger brothers and sisters in this nation. We have fallen back rather than pushed ahead due to the unjust legal policies that have sent our communities asunder.

When will as a nation of people of color fully comprehend the racist policies and negative efforts that have been directed at us? We don't produce the drugs that mutilate our communities across this nation. Nor, do we produce the guns that take the lives of some many of our brothers and sisters in this nation. We as a community don't build the penal institutions that house our young people whose lives are closed before they even start in this nation that hasn't ever given people of color a true start at even. Yet, we fill the jail cells across this nation with numbers that imperil our communities each and every day.

In the period of slavery, we were shackled and beaten to build wealth for those who took away everything that was precious to us. After slavery was supposedly erased the visible bonds of servitude became legal barriers that created the same bonds of injustice that allowed horrific treatment of people of color to suffer. When those legal barriers of injustice have supposedly erased those bonds of injustice. Those new barriers became jail cells that have held our communities hostage.

Please share this report read as it confirms what we already know life for a black man is not even close to being equal.