Jun. 18, 2016

Really a Transgender Sting Ray Come On Now


The gay lobby is one of the most powerful lobby's in this country. They are in the process of transforming America because of the influence that they have in the entertainment field. I am surprised that this hasn't happened before now. I agreed with you that some of our entertainment should be free from controversy especially in this types of imaginary movies. They have conflicted and sexualized a string-ray why? Because the can? Will this mean more Trans-Rhonda sales at Disney establishments across the world? Quite possibly.

Will Trans Rhonda break off like Dory and have her/his own sequel soon? Most likely. The world through media social, print and entertainment are making a cataclysmic shift as mores, morals, and certain aspects of our society place more influences on change. I don't know that it is acceptable for a 3-5-year-old child should to introduced to sexual shifts in deviate behavior however the world we live is utterly confusing. Hey, Donald Trump is the Republican candidate for President of the United States need I say more about the confused state of our union. I am not trying to deny rights to transgenders but come on now enough is enough.

Yes, some fish can but not a stingray use the fish that has this capability for realism purposes. However, Rhonda/Ray Stingray will sell more toys. This is objective to introduce transgender sexual selection to a young audience and personally, I don't think it is appropriate. They could have easily used a BLACKSPOT ANGELFISH which does indeed change from female to male for a purpose of group protection. Yet it would have introduced death since the change occurs when the male dies the largest female then turns in the male and takes on the role of group protector. Yet, that maybe would have confused sales with Dory being a Royal Blue Tang. They needed a stingray for future sales and possible sequels. I personally like the story of the BLACKSPOT ANGELFISH because the role could be quite instructive .