Jun. 24, 2016

The World Is Flat England Whether You Believe It Or Not

My Economic Thought Of The Day
The world's economies are in free-fall the world is simply too flat for our communities to ignore the impact on England's decision to go it alone without it's European Nation partners. This is clued into the belief that some miseducated fools in England were lead to believe that they still have economic chops to go it alone. Guess what England you don't and the world will suffer because of your white populace's ignorance and idiocracy. Now the scene shifts to America will the ignorance and idiocracy of our white populace and the dissatisfaction of those disenchanted independent voters allow for the election of a maniacal candidate like Donald Trump.
People internationally and nationally better wake up because a massive human confrontation is on the horizon. It seemingly cannot be avoided with all the anguish and anxiety that peoples of all nations are dealing with now. I can only hope that the world will wake up before this potential violent confrontation occurs. You simply can not believe that the world will be unflattened economically again. We are dependent on each other's cultures and people's needs and wants. No matter how racially bias you may be the feeling of privilege because of race and religion is simply not intelligent thinking.
You cannot eliminate hate with more hate only love of mankind can extinguish the hatred that currently is pervasive in nations across this planet. You see it's more than simply England voting to separate themselves from its past European partners. It's England saying it's 1935 again ao let's close our eyes to the issues and concerns facing each and every nation on this planet. We're tied to each other folks. If someone sneezes in an airport in Nairobi those germs can be transmitted across the planet within hours, or even minutes.
So, we had better learn to live together or face the possibility of oblivion separate and apart.