Jul. 1, 2016

Congressional Black Caucus Needs An Age Transition

My Perspective Thought of the Day
The Congressional Black Caucus Needs A Turnover
Growing up as a kid I use to read religiously the syndicated words of Carl T. Rowan as spun his editorial thoughts for the Chicago Sun-Times. I wanted to be Mr. Rowan on many occasions. This social media venue gives me a chance even at this stage of my life to fulfill that dream. I even have my own blog that allows me a specific place to house all my work. The prose may not be as elegant as Mr. Rowan's but my thoughts hopefully engaged my readers in thoughts.
This afternoon I felt the need to disclose just a little history about the aging of our black congressional leadership in Washington DC. The thought that got me thinking about this was the reality that Charles Rangel stayed way too long that blacks lost control of his congressional district. I mean come on he was 85 years old and certainly out of touch with the issues that are currently confronting his district as well as urban districts across the nation.
The Congressional Black Caucus has aged tremendously over the past decade. The members don't represent the ideas of tomorrow. They are indicative of times past. We need to understand as a community we need to begin the transition to younger leadership. Currently, excluding Donna Edwards who will be leaving the House this year. The Caucus has only members 12 members under the age of 60, 5 members under the age of 45. The Black Caucus has 24 members who are past the age of 65. The Black Caucus has 9 members older than 75. The youngest member of the Caucus is Mia Love, a republican from Utah and of course, the oldest member is John Conyers , who is a strapping 86-year-old and that is simply way too old.
I would think that at the next CBC a discussion of related to these aged members preparing to transition to a new brand of leaders who are in tune with the technological advances in our society as well as focused on true economic as well as the political growth of our communities. The current CBC must begin the alignment with the newly elected members. They need to begin the earnest training of these individuals now not later. Otherwise, we will lose our abilities to truly dictate change and make the significant changes necessary to uplift our peoples. WE NEED TO TRANSITION TO YOUNGER LEADERSHIP NOW.

I can see a minimum of 6 terms for a Congressman that's 12 years and 2 two terms for a Senator that's 12 years but for a congressman to be elected in the 1960's,70, 80, 90's and still be serving is simply ridiculous. We as a people need a larger pool of leaders to match the problems our communities have currently. If we can develop a wider array of political leaders. We will be far better off in the long run. The black community should adopt term limits for all elected positions even if it isn't national policy/law. We cannot afford to replicate what the majority population does it simply doesn't benefit us. In addition, I would like to see a complete overhaul of how committee chairs are selected having a bunch of 70-80-year-old men running these committees that control so much of our fiscal delivery systems is archaic and needs to be eliminated.