Jul. 2, 2016

Wake Up Justice Its Time To Move Forward

We have to be better America and Americans. As we celebrate the birth of a nation that supposed that democracy and equality of all creeds and colors were the primary objectives through the many constitutional amendments implemented since it's initial inception.
We must truly live out those guarantees even if the majority of people have feelings of exclusion and denial. We must reject those feelings of ill will and bigotry and override the majority. For America can overcome the worst in many of us to bend toward the betterment of the least of us.
You see I hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal, and have the inalienable right to freedom, justice and equality. I firmly believe in that principle even though the origin of the words were written when my ancestors were denied these basic human rights. The powers of conviction, the arc of justice bend towards making this nation better than any other nation on this planet. Yes, there is indeed many who still feel entitled, or privileged to deny basic human rights to many in this nation. Yet we mustn't fall prey to these agents of hate and denial.
For if America can look beyond its hateful past, and work towards a peaceful and just future. Then maybe this can become a nation that indeed shines from coastline to coastline, to every mountain peak and crestfallen valley, from every urban hell hole or urban penthouse, from every mansion site to every farm site, from the villages of want to the communities in deep need. We are all inclusive of the potential greatness of America.
So, when I see what we can't afford supposedly. I ask myself why can't we twist the top to justice and move away from those elements that separate us. You may say, Joseph Shelton Hall, please come out of that colored glass world of fantasy America will never be that nation. Yet, I must keep hope alive that our people will find our rightful place in this society. That all of my black, brown and red brothers and sisters will gain the equality and justice that is rightfully ours. That our community also gains the reparations for all the sins that our ancestors were forced to endure.
Now lets' change those things we can't afford to things we will not live without any longer.